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Bannetons Handmade in Germany


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The banneton shop
A company established in 1847

High quality Bannetons

Our wood pulp bannetons are hand-made in Germany, using a 100+ years old formula, and stand out as the best option for every bread enthusiast. And here is why, in a nutshell: they provide the ideal space for dough proofing and dough sticking issues will be a thing of the past – we’re talking non-stick, easy to clean surfaces all the way!

And since the best results come from using the best tools, make sure you keep yours clean and nifty. Our cleaning accessories are designed with practicality in mind and will get the job done in no time. They take very little storage space and come in different shapes and dimensions.

How to use a wood pulp banneton

Wood Pulp Bannetons

Who can say no to golden-crusted loaves? These German spruce hand-made Wood Pulp Bannetons stand out as the best option for every bread enthusiast.

Banneton accessories manufactured in germany

Banneton Accesories

Designed to complement our Bannetons, these accessories are an essential extension of your bread-making arsenal. They’ll definitely reduce your cleaning time to a bare minimum.